Protecting Your
Reputation By Delivering On Our Promises

Integrated locations in Texas and Indianapolis give you quick service to all of North America and the world.

Hanzo Logistic Solutions

Hanzo was a legendary samurai warrior who served the emperor with honor and skill. He dispatched his opponents with efficiency and skill requiring only one stroke. The same code that governed this legendary samurai, is the foundation of our philosophy to business – protecting your reputation while delivering your products with efficiency and skill.

Fulfillment & Distribution

Fulfillment and Distribution is all about promises. You have to fulfill the promises you’ve made to your customers, and we help you do that by fulfilling our promise to you.

Warehouse Management

You need to know where every piece of inventory is at any moment. We can help. Hanzo Logistics takes accountability and responsibility for every aspect of your warehouse operations so you can focus on running your business.


At Hanzo Logistics, we’re committed to making sure your transportation is safe, reliable and efficient.


Hanzo offers virtually every service you will need to deliver your products efficiently and effectively.

Crisis Management

When everything’s gone wrong, we step in. Impossible deadlines, last-minute changes.

Location Is Everything

With locations in Indianapolis,  we give your cargo access to North America and the world in the blink of an eye.

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Why Choose us

We provide all types of contract packaging & logistics services, applying a uniform standard of quality and customer service technologies.

Hanzo offers virtually every service you will need to deliver your products efficiently and effectively. From custom packaging projects to high-volume distribution, our contract packaging experts are focused on accuracy, flexibility and innovation.


24/7 Availability

24/7 labor and project management availability



Rush and priority project execution



Time-sensitive re-work and repackaging capabilities



Timely transportation scheduling

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